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Its interesting that PhiloGL is made by the same people as the Sencha Web App framework. Makes you wonder what sort of crossover might come out of that eventually.


Late October I did a review of some WebGL frameworks and, after two weeks of testing, I decided for GLGE then at version 0.5 .
After 5 months I'm still very happy and glad others think the same about GLGE.
The reason was use of Collada, use of text with the ability of always facing the camera (essential for Virtual Worlds) and easy tweaking to get special non standard things I needed.
Almost every weekend GLGE gets better or more robust. A big thanks to Paul its author.


A comparison matrix would be just awesome :)

How do those frameworks differ?


Googling deferred shading and webgl got me this Chinese(?) engine:


No idea how well it works but at least the source tree looks impressive :)


Coolness, if you find any issues in GLGE I'm more then happy to see if I can get them sorted as quickly as possible. I'm loving the fact there is so much competition around at the moment there is no bigger driver forwards. I've a million ideas for improvements that will be showing up during the coming weeks...months...years :-)

PS Francisco, thanks I pump just about every spare moment I have into it and will continue to do so.

Sarkis Dallakian

Thanks for this post. Google just announced their WebGL Globe which is using Three.js.

+1 for comparison matrix.

Tom Vollaro

I have been playing around with X3DOM. I like it because I am a UI designer, not a developer. I can leverage my knowledge of VRML/X3D to create content - no knowledge of WebGL or Javascript needed. That is, until I want to start adding interactivity - in which case I am starting to crack a JS book or two :)


Here's one for point clouds: http://scotland.proximity.on.ca/asalga/


Another one: ProcessingJS



Just wanted to put out a heads-up since I'm too late to make The List. I'm gearing up for release of a new WebGL framework, which I've dubbed Jax. It's more than just a library -- it's a complete development environment with emphasis on rapid release.

If you're interested in taking a look at Jax, please see http://jax.thoughtsincomputation.com for more information.


Thanks for sharing the experience you've had with the various emerging WebGL engines. Following such a slow response from Adobe to utilises GPU support; we realised WebGL was the future for us and the production of 3D graphics online (http://fixdit.com/).

We're currently very keen to talk to those with an interest in emerging online 3D graphics and WebGL engines (developers, designers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, graduates). This is with the intention to get you onboard and involved in a collaborative and incredibly exciting 3D based project we're proposing.

Although we can't reveal too much here, if this has peaked your interest, we'd love to hear from you and about your expertise: http://www.fixdit.com/contact. Alternatively you can follow our http://blog.fixdit.com or @fixditdotcom Twitter for further news on this project.


Faye @Fixdit

Lance Thornblad

@OP - Why were you uninterested in a tool suite? Was it the price?

I have been developing a solid gl engine for the past two years to use for my own projects and am considering porting it to webgl. But considering the time invested (and quality of the engine), I've been thinking in terms of releasing a commercial tool suite. I am curious to know more about the choices y'all are making.

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